Abbreviations Description
Outstaffing is a human resources management method under which the Customer is provided with certain amount of the personnel of the Contractor. The personnel of the Contractor does not enter in any kind of direct legal relations (under civil or labour law) with the Customer, but provides certain services on behalf of the Contractor at the premises of the Customer.
Car km work is an indicator reflecting the volume of work performed, taking into account the distance travelled by cars as part of the train.
RIC carriages are Reglamento Internazionale delle Carrozze passenger cars confirming to requirements of the International Union of Railways which are used on railways of the European countries that are members of the International Union of Railways. These cars are suitable for 1435mm gauge.
Sleeping car (Pullman car) is a luxurious sleeping car used for passenger transportation and providing adequate facilities for passengers. Russian abbreviation SV was originally used to denote cars for imperial retinue.
Falling income of the carrier is the loss in the income of transport operator, resulting from state regulation of long-distance passenger transportation fares for open and general carriages.
Global prices are the rate for the transportation of passengers in international trains, including costs of “ticket” and “reserved seat”.
Cargo and luggage is an object accepted in the prescribed manner from a physical person or a legal entity for transportation in a passenger, postal-freight or passenger-freight train.
Deregulated segment is a segment for passenger transportation in sleeping cars and compartment carriages as well as international passenger transportation. Rates for this segment are set by JSC FPC.
Natural monopoly is a market condition when due to technological characteristics of the production (unit cost is significantly reduced with growth of production) demand is more efficiently met without completion. At the same time the demand for products of the natural monopoly is less dependent on price change than demand for any other type of products, as products of a natural monopoly cannot be substituted by other products. JSC FPC is a subject of a natural monopoly as it provides services under conditions of the natural monopoly.
Infrastructure of JSCo RZD is a complex of technologies which includes the public railroad and other structures, railway stations, power supply devices, communication networks, centralisation, blocking and alarm systems, information systems, system of traffic management and other buildings, structures, devices and equipment that ensure the functioning of this complex.
Capital repair and reconditioning is capital repairs and reconditioning of cars in order to prolong the target life of a passenger car using rebuilt body and wheel truck parts, as well as renovation of indoor equipment and creation of modern interior.
KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are indicators of performance of a company or its subdivision that help the company to achieve its strategic or tactical (operational) targets. KPI usage allows the company to evaluate its condition and valuate policy implementations.
Capital repair is capital repairs of the cars. It is done to recover good condition and fully or nearly fully restore resource of the passenger car by replacement or restoration of any components of the car, including basic.
MSURE (MIIT) is Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, former Moscow Institute of Transport Engineering.
UIC is International Union of Railways.
Multimodal transportation is transportation of goods, passengers and baggage carried out by two or more modes of transport. As a rule, multimodal transportation is carried out on the basis of a single transport document drawn up for the entire route.
OSZD is Organisation for the Cooperation of Railways.
Passenger turnover is an indicator reflecting the passenger traffic in passenger-kilometers. It is calculated by multiplying the number of passengers carried and the length of average distance covered.
Pellet fuel is granules of compressed waste of wood and other plants. It is very ecological and safe for burning.
Loyalty programme is RZD-Bonus programme, which grants passengers the chance to build up points for completed journeys in JSC FPC trains and exchange them for bonus trips.
Incidents are accidents and crashes resulting in death or serious bodily injuries of people or damage to the railway rolling stock requiring capital repair.
Regulated segment is a segment for passenger transportation in open and general carriages and for domestic transportation of baggage and cargo. Rates for this segment are set by the Federal Rate Service of Russia.
Steel grade L is a special grade of steel used for wheels of passenger cars. This grade has higher tensile strength, ductility and impact resistance compared to other grades of steel. Wheels of this grade of steel are able to run longer distance before repairs, which leads to considerable economy.
AC is air conditioning systems.
CIT is International Rail Transport Committee.
ECTS is ecologically clean toilet systems.