Other income and expenses

Financial income from other income and expenses amounted to RUB 20.2 billion.

Key revenue received by FPC from other income is government subsidies as a compensation for the revenue shortfall caused by the government regulation of the prices of long-distance fares for third-class and common carriages. In 2015, government subsidies based on the results of transport services amounted to RUB 24.7 billion.

Furthermore, the Company also received RUB 0.14 billion from regional budgets to compensate for the revenue shortfall.

A significant contribution to revenue from other budgeted income and expenses was interest on bank deposits and interest accrued on balances on settlement accounts. In 2015, our effective liquidity management helped generate RUB 1.2 billion (more than a twofold increase year-on-year).

FX rate changes during FX settlements (USD, EUR, and CHF) resulted in an FX gain of RUB 0.5 billion for 2015 (a 181% increase year-on-year).

The key item in other expenses is expenses on interest accrued on loans extended in 2015 to finance cash gaps resulting from a seasonal decline in passenger traffic. In 2015, the total interest accrued amounted to RUB 2.0 billion.

FX rate changes during FX settlements (USD, EUR, and CHF) resulted in an FX loss of RUB 1.0 billion for 2015 (more than a 2.5-fold increase year-on-year).