Double-decker carriages

Double-decker carriages

The introduction of double-decker rolling stock means improved quality of passenger service, reduced operating costs, productivity improvements in the carrier’s operations, and increased infrastructure throughput.

FPC’s double-decker train features a number of additional services to ensure passenger comfort — Wi-Fi internet access, three toilets in each carriage, and a high-tech dining carriage with a full-scale kitchen. The new train is noted for its enhanced environmental friendliness and safety.

In 2015, double-decker trains were launched on the following routes:

  • train No. 5/6 Moscow — Petersburg since 1 February 2015;
  • train No. 23/24 Moscow — Kazan since 1 June 2015;
  • train No. 45/46 Moscow — Voronezh replaced with a double-decker train made up of carriages with open-plan seating since 31 July 2015;
  • train No. 49/50 Samara — Moscow since 3 December 2015.
One train comprising 15 double-decker carriages can carry 960 passengers. It would take two trains of 14 single-decker carriages to carry the same number of passengers.

Altogether, double-deckers carried over 1.4 million passengers (6% of the total passenger traffic in the deregulated segment) in 2015. In 2015, the operating margin on double-decker trains grew by 4 p.p. to 38%.

Given the high demand for double-deckers from passengers, the Company launched its second double-decker train between Moscow and Saint Petersburg in February 2016. There are also plans to put another double-decker train pair on the line between Moscow and Voronezh in June 2016, and a new train between Saint Petersburg and Adler in August 2016.