Shareholders meetings

The Company’s supreme management body is the General Shareholders Meeting.
In 2015, four General Shareholders Meetings of JSC FPC were held — the annual General Shareholders Meeting and three extraordinary General Shareholders Meetings.

List of the General Shareholders Meetings

Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting 9 June 2015 3 August 2015 9 November 2015
Annual General Shareholders Meeting 29 June 2015
Number of issues reviewed 1 9 1 1

Resolutions approved by the annual General Shareholders Meeting

Date Resolutions
29 June 2015 Approved the annual report of the Company.
Approved JSC FPC’s annual financial statements.
Approved the Company’s Auditor for 2015 to audit financial statements prepared under the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS), the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and the Group’s IFRS consolidated financial statements.
Determined the levels of annual remuneration for members of JSC FPC’s Audit Commission.
Elected the new Board of Directors and the new Audit Commission of JSC FPC.
Resolved not to distribute JSC FPC’s profit for 2014, and not to pay dividends to shareholders and annual remuneration to the Board of Directors due to loss-making performance for the year.

Resolutions approved by the extraordinary General Shareholders Meetings

Date Resolutions
9 June 2015 Approved a related-party transaction — an addendum to the RIC carriages supply contract between the Company and JSC Railwaycar-Building Works Tver (TVZ).
3 August 2015 Amended JSC FPC’s Articles of Association to exclude the list of FPC’s branches.
9 November 2015 Amended JSC FPC’s Articles of Association to change the names of FPC’s branches.