Lastochka high-speed train

Скоростной поезд «Ласточка»

Lastochka high-speed electric train (Desiro RUS) was designed by Germany’s Siemens AG. It has five or ten carriages and can achieve speeds of up to 160 km/h. The electric train is equipped with seats for passengers with reduced mobility.

All carriages have air-conditioning systems and digital displays featuring passenger information. Hand luggage racks are fitted with 220 V electric sockets for charging mobile telephones and other devices on-board.

In 2015, Lastochka trains were operated on six routes:

  • Petrozavodsk — Saint Petersburg;
  • Moscow — Kursk;
  • Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Moscow — Smolensk;
  • Adler — Krasnodar;
  • Moscow — Orel.

In the reporting year, Lastochka trains carried a total of 3.2 million passengers, up 45% year-on-year.

Lastochka carriage’s scheme

Lastochka carriage’s scheme