High-quality ticket service

FPC actively develops electronic sales and service channels: in 2015, the share of e-tickets for FPC’s long-distance trains increased by 8 p.p. vs 2014 to 33% of total ticket sales.

E-ticket sales will continue growing as all trains get equipped with ticket control devices speeding up ticket verification during boarding.

In 2015, the following technological improvements were introduced to improve e-ticketing service quality:

  • As from March 2015, the Passengers section of Russian Railways website features a new online service for hotel bookings.
  • On 2 June 2015, a “single ticket” valid for a trip to Crimea by rail, road and marine transport went on sale on Russian Railways website.
  • Since 16 June 2015, online registration have been available for international trains operated by FPC and Kazakhstan Temir Zholy.

Changes in the share of electronic sales, %

Changes in the share of electronic sales, %
FPC’s Ticket Purchase Options
FPC’s Ticket Purchase Options
  • Remotely on the website: The website also features train timetables.
  • In person at ticket sales points (the list of sales points is available on the website in the section “passengers services”)
  • Order in advance by calling 8 (800) 775-00-00 and collect the ticket in any ticket office

The earlier you buy the ticket, the cheaper it is!