Energy consumption and environmental protection

Energy Consumption

In 2015, FPC continued its persistent effort to optimise energy consumption as set out in its Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Improvement Programme.

In 2015, the Company re‐equipped 12 energy metering points (steam, furnace oil, heat) in a bid to improve its energy efficiency. With the new equipment installed, the Company’s subsidiaries migrated to the post payment model where energy suppliers are paid on the basis of meter readings.

FPC continues to improve its rolling stock with resource and energy saving technologies. In 2015, 81 carriages were fitted out with automated radiant heating systems to form complete trains. Carriages equipped with the system run on the routes from Moscow to Arkhangelsk, Moscow to Vorkuta and Moscow to Vladivostok. The system reduced coal consumption in transit and decreased the supply of electric power from the locomotive to heat passenger carriages. In addition, new heaters extended the period when it is allowed to operate a low‐voltage carriage heating system (to –15oС).

Fuel and energy consumption highlights

Energy source Units 2013 2014 2015 % к 2014
Electricity million kWh 152,396 144,363 135,620 –6,1
Diesel fuel thousand tonnes 2,471 2,177 2,292 5,3
Coal thousand tonnes 164,678 146,373 117,732 –19,6
Furnace oil thousand tonnes 27,551 27,039 25,173 –6,9
Natural gas million cub m 27,542 25,928 24,326 –6,2
Petrol thousand tonnes 1,617 1,4626 1,248 –14,6
Total c.e. 260,882 241,129 210,765 –12,6

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection and negative impact mitigation are among FPC’s priorities.

In its environmental activities, the Company is guided by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation and the Environmental Strategy of Russian Railways until 2017 and, for the longer term, until 2030.

To reduce the man‐made impact of passenger services the Company took efforts to upgrade its rolling stock and facilities across its branches.

В целях предотвращения загрязнения дорожного полотна и поддержания санитарного состояния инфраструктуры новые вагоны закупаются только с установками экологически чистых туалетных комплексов. Также продолжается оснащение старых вагонов экологически чистыми туалетными комплексами в процессе капитального ремонта.

Aiming to prevent tracks from being polluted and maintain an adequate level of sanitation at infrastructure facilities, the Company acquires only those carriages that are equipped with environmentally friendly green toilets. In addition, old carriages are fitted out with environmentally friendly toilet facilities during overhauls.

In an effort to reduce air pollution, the Company installs pellet‐fired boilers on its carriages and acquires carriages with centralised energy supply

Air emissions were reduced by 13.1% in 2015.

Aiming to reduce the sources of discharge negatively affecting the centralised water discharge systems and the environment, the Company implements annual programmes involving modernisation of water treatment and carriage‐washing facilities, including the installation of water recirculation systems and on‐site water treatment facilities.

Waste water discharge, thousand cub m3

Водоотведение сточных вод в окружающую среду

Air emissions, thousand tonnes

Выбросы в атмосферу, тыс. т