Key Strategic Goals

The key strategic goals are defined by FPC Strategic Management System, with a strategic management mechanism at its core.

Flowchart of the strategic management mechanism

As a national passenger rail carrier and the “face” of RZD Holding, the Company aims to meet the demand for competitive high-quality transport services coming from socially oriented development of the economy and society, which implies a high degree of FPC’s involvement in addressing state-level tasks.

State-level tasks involving FPC


Enabling economic growth, enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy, and improving the quality of people’s lives.


Extending the geographic and technological reach of transport services underpinning the development of the regional economy and social sector.


Ensuring the scope of transport services that would have a direct impact on realising the full potential of economic ties within Russia and internationally as well as providing transportation to all groups of the population to satisfy their business and social needs.


Reducing the cost and increasing the speed of long-distance transport services connecting geographically separated regions, improving the quality of life, promoting business operations, enhancing the country’s territorial unity and creating more favourable conditions for seizing potential opportunities for economic and social development in every Russian region.


Improving the quality of transport operations, including timeliness, regularity, safety, and environmental friendliness of long-distance passenger services.

The Evolution option of FPC 2030 Development Strategy (approved by the Board of Directors of FPC on 28 June 2012), which was selected as the base option, sets the following strategic goals and development targets:

Total passenger turnover across the network

  • 102.2 billion passenger-kilometres by 2015
  • 105.0 billion passenger-kilometres by 2030

EBITDA margin

  • 14.2% by 2015
  • 19.2% by 2030

Investment in development

  • RUB 105.7 billion in 2012–2015
  • RUB 668.8 billion in 2016–2030

Average annual revenue growth

  • 6.3% in 2011–2015
  • 5.4% in 2016–2030

Average annual net assets growth

  • 1.8% in 2011–2015
  • 7.3% in 2016–2030

New rolling stock acquisition

  • 2,078 carriages in 2012–2015
  • 14,518 carriages in 2016–2030

FPC strategic projects

According to FPC’s Strategy, achieving these goals involves implementing a number of strategic projects, which, along with target performance indicators, are set in line with FPC 2030 Development Strategy.

FPC will implement these strategic projects regardless of the economic development scenario; only the scale of the projects and the resources required may differ.