Safety and security

The safety of FPC’s passenger trains is the Company’s top priority.

Distribution of Responsibilities and Safety Management

The issues of internal control over different types of safety and their provision are assigned to different management units at the upper level of the JSC FPC’s management.

The operational management of processes related to train operation safety is carried out by the Transport Management Department, Passenger Service Department, and Rolling Stock Management Department.

Continuous monitoring of long-distance passenger services, timely response to abnormal situations, and measures to eliminate such situations and restore normal operation are the responsibility of the Situation Centre, whose activities are synchronised with Russian Railways Situation Centre for Emergency Situations Monitoring and Management. The Situation Centre operates in real time mode.

Distribution of safety responsibilities

Types of safety Responsible body
Internal control over train operation safety Chief Safety Supervisor’s administrative office
Industrial, fire and environmental safety, occupational health and safety Operation and Production Facilities Development Department, Occupational Health and Safety Unit
Transport security Transport Security Department
Corporate, economic and information security Corporate Security Department

Train Operation Safety

Over the five years of the Company’s operation, no traffic incidents (train crashes, accidents) happened due to FPC’s fault. FPC ensures a high level of traffic safety.

FPC’s status in terms of maintaining the level of safety is represented by the downward trend in the number of incidentsIncident that took place while the train was on the move and involved the train, which could, but did not, result in a traffic accident. connected with a breach of traffic or railway safety rules.

In 2015, five incidents connected with a breach of traffic or railway safety rules happened in FPC’s business units.

In the reporting year, FPC’s business units were responsible for 76 equipment failures — 25% less than in 2014.

The target traffic safety level set for FPC by RZD Holding for 2015 was 0.0149 incidents per one million train-kilometres. The actual figure for 2015 was 0.0032 incidents per one million train-kilometres (25.1% of the target value).

The positive trend in the level of traffic safety in the Company and stable values of traffic safety target indicators were achieved through consistent efforts aimed at managing the processes related to traffic safety, including:

  • successful execution of the principal and supplementary action plans covering organisational and technical measures to enhance traffic safety and equipment reliability, as well as preventive measures to reduce the number of accidents in FPC in 2015;
  • technical audits and inspections conducted in FPC’s branches and their structural units to ensure traffic safety, monitor elimination of revealed defects, and develop corrective actions;
  • 83 technical audits of repair and maintenance processes conducted in structural units of FPC’s branches.

The number of incidents connected with a breach of traffic or railway safety rules

The number of incidents connected with a breach of traffic or railway safety rules

Number of equipment failures

Number of equipment failures

Fire and Industrial Safety, Occupational Health and Safety

Fire Safety

In 2015, the number of fires in FPC’s facilities was reduced by three times year-on-year.

In 2015, FPC continued implementing fire prevention activities in the Company’s facilities under centralised agreements with Federal State Enterprise Departmental Security Service of Railway Transport in the Russian Federation.

We continued performing stage two overhauls (KR-2) and overhauls with service life extension (KVR), carried out under the RZD Rolling Stock Replacement investment project to upgrade carriages, enhancing passenger rolling stock fire safety. In 2015, a total of 421 carriages were upgraded through KR-2 overhauls and 189 carriages through KVR overhauls.

In the reporting year, the total number of stationary facilities equipped with automatic fire-fighting systems reached 917 (66.5% of the target value).

Number of fires at passenger infrastructure facilities

Number of fires at passenger infrastructure facilities

Share of stationary facilities equipped with automatic fire-fighting systems, %

Share of stationary facilities equipped with automatic fire-fighting systems

Industrial Safety

In 2015, FPC implemented a centralised Industrial Safety programme.

As a result of production process optimisation and efforts to ensure compliance with the requirements of federal laws, the Company reduced the number of its hazardous production facilities from 252 to 224 in 2015, and the number of hazardous devices from 540 to 519.

As at 31 January 2015, the State Register listed 224 FPC’s hazardous production facilities, which operated 519 technical devices. All FPC’s hazardous production facilities are insured.

In 2016, the Company intends to reduce the number of hazardous production facilities to 210, and the number of hazardous devices to 498.

Occupational Health and Safety

In 2015, FPC’s occupational health and safety management system was certified for compliance with the requirements of GOST R 54934-2012 / OHSAS 18001:2007 standard (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Requirements), and the Company was issued a compliance certificate under registration number SDS.FR.SM.00614.15.

The proper and healthy working environment achieved in 2015 enabled FPC’s administration, and Northwest, Northern, North Caucasus and Kuybyshev Branches to obtain a 40% discount from the Social Insurance Fund on the insurance rate for compulsory insurance covering industrial accidents and occupational diseases, with the coverage totalling RUB 14.2 million.

Transport Safety and Security

Transport safety and security arrangements at FPC are governed by Federal Law No. 16-FZ On Transportation Safety dated 9 February 2007 and other regulations.

In accordance with the Transport Security Action Plans approved by the Federal Agency for Railway Transport as part of the Integrated Programme to Ensure Public Safety on Transport, in 2015, the Company focused on fitting 14 passenger carriage depots and 9 carriage sites with technical equipment ensuring transport security.

To prevent traffic security breaches and ensure transport security, all international passenger trains made up in foreign countries and travelling in the territory of the Russian Federation were escorted by train crew safety instructors, which brought a significant reduction in the number of technical failures in carriages, on-board equipment, electrical equipment and fire-fighting systems on such trains.

The Company prevented acts of unlawful interference at passenger infrastructure facilities, thus ensuring passenger safety during train travel.

Corporate, Economic and Information Security

The Company’s information security is ensured in accordance with the requirements of the Information Security Concept approved by FPC General Director.

As a result of the Company’s efforts to monitor tender procedures, contract execution, and baggage transportation, and measures to prevent fare evasion, the amount of unjustified losses recovered as a result of inspections in 2015 exceeded RUB 24 million, and prevented losses totalled over RUB 179 million.

In compliance with the requirements of Article 13.3 of Russian Federal Law No. 273-FZ On Countering Corruption dated 25 December 2008, FPC has developed and approved the following regulations:

  • FPC’s Anti-Corruption Policy approved by FPC’s Board of Directors ;
  • FPC’s Regulations on the Conflict of Interest approved by the Company’s management, and the standard anti-corruption clause to be included in the Company’s existing and new contracts,

in addition, a telephone “safety hotline” was set up.

Possible corruption cases can be reported:

  • by calling the “safety hotline” at +7 495 988 1000, extension 3-11-11;
  • by e-mail to hotline;
  • by mail addressed to FPC at 34 Mashi Poryvaevoy St., Moscow, 107078.