Innovative Mobility project

FPC is focused on implementing its Innovative Mobility project. The project aims to launch and develop a full-fledged innovative mobility platform in the Russian market, providing passenger transport planning, booking and payment services across transport modes, and value-added additional related services via a single interface.

Innovative Mobility means the integration of several transport modes into a single optimised chain based on digital solutions.
Mobility service concept developed
The project’s target and financial models developed
Action plan and roadmap for the project’s implementation developed

The development of Innovative Mobility in Russia is a timely and important initiative given that a number of preconditions are already in place for a successful launch of the service.

Russian passengers already use innovative transport solutions while taking daily trips or journeys (air ticket and hotel booking, taxi booking, navigation, etc.) and need an integrated transport service that would be optimal in terms of planning and route selection, booking process, fare payment, and use of additional services.

No nation-wide integrated offer is available in the market to provide seamless interchange between different transport modes and additional services.

International practice suggests that major European train operators are actively introducing Innovative Mobility elements into their operations, building ecosystems of Innovative Mobility services and applications around their core business of rail transport services.

To qualify for the role of a mobility service integrator in the Russian market transport operators need to meet a number of key criteria, including:

  • Infrastructure management capabilities, including bottleneck control;
  • Wide geography of operations;
  • Capabilities to reach and serve a vast customer base;
  • Well-recognised brand.

Given the above, RZD Holding is the most obvious integrator capable of successfully launching the Innovative Mobility service initiative on a national scale. FPC is naturally spearheading the initiative to develop the Innovative Mobility project within the Holding given its expertise in inherently multimodal rail transport services, its vast customer base and federal reach.

The Innovative Mobility project is essential for the Russian transport industry in general, as it aims to stimulate public mobility and enhance the quality of available transport services through increased affordability, improved transparency of the service offering, and enhanced flexibility of options for a passenger.